Written by John Jennings.

It's time to GO SOCIAL

The Internet has grown so far beyond simple websites that you have to consider all other forms of communication to make your website relevent to the visitors you wish to attract.

It's scary, we know

Many of you are afraid of expanding your site to have these capabilities.  Perhaps it's a fear of the unknown.  Or, often it is the doubt and uncertainty that comes with many of these tools.  You fear that they'll somehow be used against you, or expose you to personal risk and increased liability.

We understand these fears and will help you understand the risks associated to adding any of these capabilities.  Allow us to explain those and let you decide what you want to do to make your site a more enriching experience and one that will draw in more visitors.


Pricing for these extras vary with the complexity and quanity added to the site, and the length of the agreement.  We will provide you with detailed pricing options upon your request.