Written by John Jennings.

Competitive prices on Custom Development

The big difference between Inspired Technology and the low-cost one-size-fits-all website services you see is that all of our work is custom developed just for you. You aren't getting just another canned site that hundreds of other businesses have. You are getting your own site, to meet your specifications.

You are more than just a template.  Yes, we use templates.  Most web designers do.  But we select from thousands of templates on the open market to find one that fits you.  Then we customize it to fit your specific needs.  Sometimes the end result shows little to no resemblence to the original template.  We do this because we are dedicated to solving your specific need, and we believe that each organization deserves a unique site that won't look just like your competiror down the street.

And don't forget the need to add specific capabilities to meet your own demands.  Integration with Social Media is CRITICAL for your site to be noticed.  Blogs, video, podcasts, twitter, Linked In, Facebook, etc.   Any of these services (and others) can be integrated into your website solution.

Our no-risk guarantee

We develop your site and put it up for you to see before you pay us a dime.  Once you are satisfied with our work, you choose to pay us month-by-month or annually.  It's your choice.  The cost for businesses is $100 per month if paying month-by-month, or $1,080 to pay for the entire year.