About Us

Written by John Jennings.

My name is John Jennings, and I have over 20 years of professional Information Technology experience working in Fortune 500 companies. In my professional career I have managed a wide variety of technology platforms and have a great deal of experience working with web technologies.

During 1997, I discovered the power of the Internet and how it could be used to transform businesses and churches.  I was involved in several web-based projects with my employer.  Then, early in 1998, I designed my first website, that of my church.  Since that time, I have formed this company, which focuses on delivering web solutions for churches, ministries and Christian-owned businesses.  I have helped a number of organizations with their website challenges. I have found that most churches who initially want to get on the web, don't realize the effort it takes to maintain a site and keep the content fresh. I've developed tools to help churches keep their websites up to date, without having to know any web technologies.

I'm also very involved in my church. We're members of the Westport Road Church of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky. Most recently, we've served as the Children's Ministry leaders and on our Mission team. In the past, I've served as a Youth Director, Deacon and Worship Leader. I've also filled in the pulpit for churches when their minister was out of town, or when they were "between preachers".

I'm also an active Scouter. I have served as a Den Leader, Cubmaster and Scoutmaster.  Currently I serve in a couple of capacities at both the troop and district level.  It's great working with young men and helping them develop leadership, social and citizenship skills that will make them better men in their lives.