Written by John Jennings.

The following will give you a sampling of the types of work we have provided for our customers.



Westport Road Church of Christ - A Deluxe website based on Joomla CMS. Site includes online forms, podcasts, video, Flash elements, mailing lists, calendar, prayer requests.

Grant Street Church of Christ - A Deluxe website also based on the Joomla framework. Site includes video, file management, membership management, Flash elements and a calendar. All content is manged by the client.






Watterson Trail Church of Christ - This was a simple site that we designed for this church. The original site was designed by the former minister who did not keep it up-to-date. The client can maintain the content themselves.

Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church - A simple site. We took over this website after the original had been abandoned. We developed two generations of this website before members of the church recently took it over.






Middletown Church of Christ - This was a Deluxe site we developed. The church has since taken over the actual upkeep and it no longer has some of the features we employed. Most of the custom graphics were designed by us. (The picture is from the site as we developed it).

Shelbyville Church of Christ - A simple site. This is another example of a top-quality church site. We did use frames this time. A lot of nice banners and some java-scripting on the "Who Are These People" page. After designing the site, we turned it over to the members of the church to maintain.

Shelbyville Church of Christ




First Church of Miami - A simple site for this new congregation in Miami.



Non-Profits & Other Organizations





Boy Scout Troop 153 - Beautiful site developed, hosted and maintained for our Boy Scout Troop.

Oldham County Education Foundation - Designed this simple site, which promotes activities and fund-raising for the local school district. Provide low-cost hosting and support..





Who's who of Latino Louisville - Beautiful site developed, hosted and maintained for this community organization which recognizes successful latinos in the community.

Shorty's Boys - A website dedicated to a beloved coach by the players he led for over 33 years.





Purpose Driven Presbyterians - Designed the site for this organization. It has since disbanded.

Association of the Century - Provided two generations of design for this website and hosting prior to the group taking it on for themselves.





Leadership Foundations - A simple site. An informational Intranet site. Beautiful scenery integrated into the theme.


Corporate Toastmasters Club - Another Deluxe site. A frames-based Intranet site. Nice neon-style graphics for excitement. (We can't show you this one because it's on an Intranet, but you can see examples of the graphics on our examples page).

Kentuckiana Campaign For Christ - A simple site, advertising a local mission effort supported by the Louisville Area Churches of Christ.

Cub Scout Pack 153 - Simple site that we provide for our Cub Scout Pack.







Austin Mehr Law Offices, PSC - We gave this site a wonderful facelift and provided an easy way for potential clients to get in touch.


Mehr Disability Law Group , PSC - The second site developed for this law firm. This site focues on a specific area within their business.

austin mehr law offices




Manco & Associates. - This was a web-based presentation. Manco & Associates is a property maintenance and management company who wanted to provide an interactive display at a large home and garden show. The finished product rotated through samples of their work. At the bottom of the screen was a series of buttons that allowed people to go to specific topics within the presentation.

Derby City Window Tint - A simple site with advanced e-commerce functionality! We've developed an e-commerce shopping cart for their wholesale products. Potential customers can also request bids on jobs via online forms. All information stored in a database. We provided the client with an administrator section for tracking activity and communicating with customers.


H&H Holdings of Louisville, Inc. - A nice corporate site. Uses a collapsible menu java applet. We did all of the graphics and the logo design.

Southern Graphic Systems. - Provided a proof-of-concept design for them.